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Access exclusive resources, connect with like-minded colleagues, and make a positive impact on patient care. Join us along with hundreds of other Med-Peds alumni to shape the future of our specialty.

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National Med-Peds Residents Association

Our Mission

We aim to connect and support the Med-Peds community by highlighting our Med-Peds alumni and unique identity

Our Vision

We exist to be an inclusive alumni community for all Med-Peds physicians

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are aimed at promoting collaboration, sharing best practices, and shaping the role of Med-Peds physicians in modern healthcare.

With the growing number of Med-Peds physicians, it is important to establish a common understanding of these values through conversation and exploration of our specialty’s unique strengths and challenges. Bringing together providers from across the nation creates an opportunity to broaden our perspective and share learned experience.

The expertise of Med-Peds physicians in both internal medicine and pediatrics is increasingly valuable as healthcare systems face new demands and pressures. Med-Peds unique holistic perspective on patient care highlights the benefits of specialized training.

We are committed to driving the future of the specialty in a way that reflects the needs and interests of our physicians and patients. Join us in creating an inclusive, innovative, and impactful future.

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Med-Peds Graduation

Thursday, May 30th at 8pm EST

Thank you to all those who attended the first annual National Med-Peds Graduation on 5/30/24!

You can access the recording below using the password provided by AMPP.

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