Who We Are

Our Story

The field of Med-Peds, which combines both internal medicine and pediatrics, has been growing in popularity and importance since its inception in 1967. However, despite the increasing number of physicians who specialize in this field, there has been no organization or alumni association dedicated to serving the Med-Peds community.

We’ve founded AMPP to provide a platform for Med-Peds physicians to identify, focus, and engage with the entire Med-Peds community. We embrace the natural variety of our specialty, and aim to represent all physicians who have pursued diverse career paths within the field, providing them an opportunity to connect with others who share their interests and experiences.

Our goal is to highlight the Med-Peds specialty and its unique features, as well as demonstrate how we share common interests with internists and pediatricians.

Bringing together physicians from different backgrounds and specialties, AMPP aims to foster collaboration, share best practices, and advocate for the unique needs of our physicians and the patients we serve. Looking forward, we aim to establish a sense of community and shared purpose among the physicians who have chosen to specialize in this important and growing field.

Our Initiatives

AMPP is dedicated to promoting the value that Med-Peds physicians bring to their communities, patients, and other specialties.

1. Support Med-Peds alumni no matter their scope of practice or career path

2. Highlight the Med-Peds specialty identity

3. Foster an inclusive Med-Peds community that includes Med-Peds alumni and allies

4. Develop a centralized database of Med-Peds alumni

5. Showcase the accomplishments of Med-Peds alumni

6. Understand the Med-Peds workforce and the value that it brings to communities, patients, and other specialties

7. Connect Med-Peds alumni to organizations and people based on mutual interests

8. Collaborate with organizations and groups that have Med-Peds alumni and/or those that might benefit from Med-Peds input

9. Envision the future roles of Med-Peds physicians in health care delivery

10. AMPPed up about Med-Peds

AMPP is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization, operated to promote the common interests of our members, and to advocate for the interests of Med-Peds physicians and the patients we serve.

Join 1000s of other Med-Peds physicians shaping our future.